New submission form for Chambers & Partners

John Read*

Chambers & Partners has published its new submission form, available here. In summary, there are some minor tweaks to some of the guidance and the order of sections, but the big change comes with the division of the second half of the form into “publishable information” (section D) and “confidential information” (section E). Each of these sections allows for up to ten client names and (separately) ten detailed work highlights, making for a total of 20 of each. The submission guidance has been updated to reflect the increased limit.

The revisions shouldn’t require firms to make many changes to their processes for preparing submissions, save that there is now the opportunity to present an additional five client names and (more importantly) five detailed work highlights. Chambers will accept submissions using the old form for the time being, though this will no doubt change in due course.

The full list of changes is as follows:

  • Sections A and B are largely the same, save that the checkbox list of industry sectors now falls in section B.
  • Guidance for B6 and B7, regarding ranked/unranked lawyers respectively, has been revised.
  • Guidance for B8 and B9, regarding foreign experts/desks respectively, now asks for information about work in the past year that demonstrates their expertise.
  • The 250-word limit for B10 (‘What is this department best known for?’) has been removed (no doubt much to firms’ delight), and the guidance under the question has been revised.
  • The checkbox list of industry sectors, previously in section C, is now B12.
  • Section C in the new form is the old section D, about feedback.
  • Guidance for C2 now expressly asks for comments on the accuracy of the rankings (both department and individual) and of the editorial.
  • The old sections C and E have been revamped into the new D and E, dealing with publishable and confidential information respectively. Each section allows firm to include up to ten client names (and whether or not each is a new client), plus ten detailed work highlights, making for 20 client names and 20 detailed work highlights in total.

* credit: John Read is head of directories at MD Communications (


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